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A Chip-8 emulator that can run many of the public domain Chip-8/SuperChip games. It's still very much a work in progress, but hope to accomplish some goals (they may even be a first for this project's system).


  • Support for all non hybrid type Chip8 roms.
  • Support for SuperChip roms.
  • Speed control and pause options.
  • Debugger (Read/Write/Execute breakpoint system, register set/lock options, and full assembly display).
  • Stepping Options (Step Into, Step Over, Step Out).
  • Memory Viewer (has read/write access to the system memory).
  • Trace log support (with optional register dump).
  • Cheat Support (Format: AAAA?CC:VV).
  • Cheat File Support (Add, Update, Delete).
  • Cheat Search Functionality


  • Implement register breakpoints (Read/Write).
  • Implement save states.
  • Implement input mapping.
  • Keep code clean, work out kinks, and get all options fully functional.

Screenshots (Emulator):


Screenshots (Debugger & Cheats):


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